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CPD & Professional Learning

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CPD & professional learning

For several years, Junior Sport Stars have been working closely with teaching staff in schools across Greater Manchester in the delivery of gymnastics, dance, and outdoor P.E.

Every school is different, and teachers have varied subject knowledge when it comes to P.E. Through a consultation between your school and a member of our team, we will draw up a plan to suit your school’s, and your teaching staff’s, individual needs, so that your school and teaching staff get the most out of the CPD that we offer.

We have been delivering CPD for a number of years now and find that every school has different needs, depending on experience, equipment, existing frameworks/tools, etc. We have found that it works best to use existing tools that teachers are already using for planning and delivery, as this is what your teachers would use for their own planning and delivery and has the most sustainable, lasting impact.

If not, we can suggest some good, reputable tools that our staff have used when delivering CPD, gymnastics, sport, and dance in our partner schools.

In addition, our coaching staff will also demonstrate ways to challenge the more abled children as, from experience, the frameworks can sometimes be quite basic (from an experienced coach’s perspective).

Please visit our Meet The Team page to learn more about our fantastic sports and gymnastics coaches.

CPD format

This is a general format that we follow with each teacher for all of our CPD:

  • Week 1: Teacher observes the coach and makes notes/records the session.
  • Week 2: Teacher teaches the same lesson as demonstrated in week 1, and is given verbal feedback by the coach.
  • Week 3: The teacher and coach team-teach a lesson together.
  • Week 4: Teacher observes the coach.
  • Week 5: Teacher delivers their own lesson and is observed by the coach. Written feedback is given by the coach.
  • Week 6: The teacher and coach team-teach a lesson together, focusing on weaker areas outlined in the feedback from the previous lesson.

The core focus for the CPD is on three main learning outcomes:

  • Improving the teachers knowledge, confidence, understanding, and ability to support children safely and correctly (gymnastics).
  • How to use and set up the equipment, so that the children are active and engaged more often.
  • How to support the children with certain skills and how to challenge those children who are achieving the skills.

The coach will work closely with the teaching staff on how to plan, set up, and deliver a session, how to support children safely (gymnastics), and how to adapt the session depending on the learner’s ability. In addition to being ‘creative’ with the equipment/space your school has to offer.

Only our senior staff deliver our CPD, and they all have a wealth of experience in teaching and working within primary schools.

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