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Sport & Outdoor Games

All of our coaches plan and deliver their own sessions from our own curriculum. Each week of the year is mapped out for each year group and the objectives/learning outcomes form the basis for the coaches when planning each session.

The objectives for foundation stage and key stage 1 are predominantly taught through games and activities designed to teach sport fundamentals (throwing and catching, striking/hitting, hand-eye co-ordination, partner work, team games, etc.), using a range of equipment.

The objectives for key stage 2 are predominantly taught through different sports (invasion games, net/wall games, strike/field games). Similar to foundation stage and key stage 1, the lesson objectives (e.g., attacking and defending, evaluating their own performance, etc.) form the basis when planning the session using our ‘objectives map’.


All of our coaches use our curriculum ‘objectives map’ to constantly assess and evaluate each child. At the end of each term there is a summative assessment, whereby the coach will assess and consolidate the progress of all the children in the previous lessons and outlines any action plans.

During the first term of the year there is an initial assessment of every child across every aspect of the year’s curriculum. During the final term there is an outcome assessment of every child across every aspect of the year’s curriculum. The assessments are handed to the class teachers in time for the class reports.


We can also provide fully qualified gymnastics coaches to deliver your school’s indoor P.E. curriculum.

All of our gymnastics coaches will be level 2 qualified and coach at our School of Gymnastics. Our gym coaches are able to deliver gymnastics as P.P.A. cover, as part of the P.E. curriculum, or through professional learning/CPD, working closely with the teaching staff to give them the tools and confidence to deliver the lessons themselves.


We have links with a number of dance schools based in Stockport, Manchester and the surrounding areas, and have a large pool of dance instructors who deliver dance lessons during and after school. All of our instructors have the experience and knowledge of a wide variety of dance genres and can teach them from foundation stage upwards.

Our dance instructors also deliver dance as CPD, working closely with teaching staff in learning how to plan and deliver a dance lesson, depending on their topic, genre or class.

Our Coaches

Please visit our Meet The Team page to learn more about our fantastic gymnastics, dance, and P.E. coaches.

Junior Sport Stars

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