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Lunchtime Activity Leaders

Expert providers of lunchtime activities & sports

Junior Sport Stars will tailor a programme to suit your school’s lunchtime needs. Through a consultation with a member of our coaching staff, a plan will be created to provide lunchtime activities and sports for both summer and winter terms.

Our programmes include structured and organised sports areas, lunchtime team training for school sports teams, playground games and activities including zoning the playground into sections in order to use the space to its best potential. Our staff will also select Play Leaders for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Competition Training

A member of our team will work closely with your school’s P.E. co-ordinator in organising ‘competition training’ during lunchtimes. The coach will work with a chosen year group or group of children to deliver coaching in a particular sport in preparation for any upcoming school competitions. In addition, the coach will organise ‘intra-school competitions’ during lunchtimes, throughout the school year.

Please visit our Meet The Team page to learn more about our fantastic coaches.

Play-Leader Awards

The lunchtime activity leaders will work with volunteers from the year 5/6 classes and will deliver training and continuous assessment as part of their ‘Play-Leader Award’. The play-leader award is made up of three awards; bronze, silver, and gold.

The play-leaders will be shown different games and activities, how to referee matches, taught about the importance of health and safety and how to do a risk assessment, and how to manage behavioural issues. They will then supervise the games and activities at lunchtimes and their progress will be monitored in their logbook. The volunteers will also be required to research their own games and activities as part of their ‘Gold’ award.

The award scheme will run for the whole of the year, with each play-leader doing one or two days a week, with the awards presented at the end of the school year.

There is an on-going award scheme at all of our clubs, whereby one person from each age group who has shown great ability, behaviour and attitude will receive an award to recognise their achievement.

Junior Sport Stars

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