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BIG sports equipment giveaway!

BIG sports equipment giveaway!

Junior Sport Stars’ BIG sports equipment giveaway!

If your school would like some FREE sports equipment for PE lessons and lunchtime activities, all you need to do is complete our entry form below and you’ll be automatically entered into our prize draw.

The draw will take place before Christmas 2022 (exact draw dates will be sent out to all schools that enter), and will be recorded live and sent to all entries for you to watch.

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Competition now closed

Thank you for all your entries and congratulations to our winners. Your prizes will be delivered in the next few weeks.

If you have any queries in relation to this, please feel free to contact us at info@juniorsportstars.co.uk.

What are the prizes??

1st Prize: Sports Pack (8 to win)

  • x24 Bibs
  • x4 Cricket sets
  • x50 Compression tennis balls
  • x24 Uni-hoc sticks
  • x24 Short tennis plastic racquets
  • x24 Cones
  • x50 Markers
  • x24 Size 3 basketballs
  • x24 Airflow hockey balls
  • x6 Relay batons
  • x8 Athletics hurdles

2nd Prize Lunchtime/Early Years Sports Pack (9 to win)

  • x2 Floor target game
  • x6 Bean bags
  • x4 Velcro throw catch pack
  • x2 Bowling game
  • x8 Foam frisbee
  • x10 Solo skipping ropes
  • x4 Double dutch skipping ropes
  • x4 Shoe stilts
  • x8 Foot skip
  • x8 Single cone catch
  • x12 Plastic tennis racquets

3rd Prize Athletics Pack (5 to win)

  • x4 Shot putt
  • x4 Foam javelin
  • x4 Scoop throw game
  • x2 Jumping sacks (pack of 6)
  • x12 Athletics batons
  • x24 Athletics hurdles