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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Customer Update

For today, tomorrow, and Friday there will be some more changes to the class schedule:

All one-hour classes will now be reduced to 45 minutes. The classes will start at their normal time but they will now finish 15 minutes earlier. Each gymnast will be spaced out and working in their own area in the gym.

Two-hour classes will remain the same.

This is to give us more time between classes to clean the facility and so we don’t have an overlap between classes.

Drop off will now be at the side shutter, which provides access to the sprung floor area. This will reduce close contact in the corridors and encourage social spacing from start to finish.

Pick up will be from the studio side shutter for the same reasons.

For safety reasons the back car park will be closed and no vehicles are allowed down the side of the building.

From Monday we will be providing a variety of online content this will include:

  • Morning workouts for all the family
  • Gymnastics Conditioning and Skill Classes
  • Fun Games and Challenges to set up and play at home
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Dance classes

All of the online videos are created to engage and entertain the family and provide as much structure as possible to break up your days.

We will be releasing a schedule over the next few days to let you know what will be released and when. These online sessions will be posted on our Facebook page and can be accessed in line with our schedule or whenever you like.

If the disruption to sessions takes us in to April, we will be making the following changes to subscriptions and future classes:

All members who attend two or more hours will have their subscription reduced to the one-hour per week cost of £32, so that it is fair for all.

Once our classes return to normal which will be when the schools re-open, we plan to extend class times by 15 minutes across the board (for a number of weeks, dependant on how long we are closed for) to give back any session time missed, so that everyone gets back what they have paid for and more with the addition of the online content.

If we can’t run our scheduled holiday camps, anyone who has booked and paid for these, will be able to transfer their booking to a future camp later in the year.

As always, we want to be as open as possible with you. I’m sure you are all aware that this will be a tough few months for all small businesses and for us all. We have very high running costs and really want to do everything in our power to keep staff employed through this uncertain time.

Your financial support over the next few months, together with successful applications for government grants and other loans (which we will be taking out if required) will mean we will survive this and we will be able to continue to inspire, educate, and excite every child in our care for years to come.

We can’t do this without you!

Should you have any questions about the above, please contact us.

Many thanks,
Rick Barron